Unite against extension of Mugabe Hegemony

The utterance by Mugabe during his birthday interview suggesting to his inclination to anoint his wife to take over from him should be viewed with great concern by every progressive thinking Zimbabwean. When Mugabe leaves power (whatever time it may be)we would not want him to be replaced by another Mugabe. The situation in Zimbabwe warrants a a true change of leadership not a replication of the status quo. He did his part and we salute him for what he did and it should end there. The country’s economy is dilapidated due to misrule and unchecked corruption also coupled with sanctions. Only a genuine leadership can change the fortunes of our country.

Breeding Young Dictators

Allowing Mugabe’s wife to takeover the presidency is akin to putting the country under a monarch whose succession is from sibling to sibling. If she gets the reigns of power sooner or later her sons will be elevated to positions of power in the army to buttress her rule. Be warned fellow Zimbabweans once these siblings have the taste of power we are in deep trouble. Her leaving power will be by the ascension of one of the sons into presidency whether by vote or decree.Remember Yaya Jameh of Gambia. We have the opportunity to exercise our democratic rights at this time lets not forget that a time will come when we will not be able to do so. A real change is the removal of the Mugabes as our presidential candidates. The president did his job but I think its time he allows some not from hos family to take over. By endorsing his wife as a seasoned politiciian is tantamount to influencing his admirers to endorse her as presidential candidate.

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