Zimbabwe revives fuel pipeline with Botswana

Zimbabwe revives fuel pipeline deal with Botswana

ZIMBABWE has revived plans to extend its Feruka fuel pipeline to Francistown in Botswana, as per reports.

Plans to stretch to Francistown the Feruka fuel pipeline, which links Zimbabwe and Mozambique, were shelved as relations between Harare and Gaborone deteriorated during the twilight years of former President Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule.

Botswana’s President Ian Khama was an outspoken critic of Mugabe’s repressive rule.

Sources close to the deal said the planned extension of Feruka fuel pipeline to Zimbabwe’s south-western neighbour were discussed as the two countries seek to mend relations.

Energy and Power Development minister Simon Khaya Moyo said this week that plans to extend the Feruka pipeline from Beira through Zimbabwe would open an avenue to Botswana for Harare to supply fuel to the region.

“We discussed this (plan to extend the pipeline) with the Botswana government during President Mnangagwa’s state visit there,Zim Flag

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