ZANU-Ndonga dissolved to join ZANU-PF

ZANU-Ndonga dissolved to join ZANU-PFAuxillia

One of Zimbabwe’s longest surviving opposition parties, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Ndonga has been dissolved and its members have been called upon to join ZANU-PF.

ZANU-Ndonga was founded by the late Ndabaningi Sithole who was the founding president of the current ZANU-PF but was kicked out in a prison coup in the 1970s.

Sithole went on to join the transitional government of Ian Smith in 1978 and contested the 1979 elections which saw Abel Muzorewa become Prime Minister of the short-lived Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

ZANU-Ndonga failed to win a single seat the 1980 elections but bounced back later to clinch the Chipinge seat.

Party president Wilson Khumbula today told the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation that the party was dissolved with immediate effect today and was joining ZANU-PF.

Khumbula said the party was initially dissolved in 2015 to rejoin ZANU-PF but this was thwarted by the G40 cabal.

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