MDC-T is loosing credibility because of violence: EU envoy

EU Envoy: MDC-T Is Losing Credibility Because Of Violence

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a civil society meeting in Gweru yesterday, European Union (EU) Ambassador to Zimbabwe Philippe Van Damme said the violence being witnessed in MDC-T has resulted in the party losing credibility as a political movement.

He also added that MDC-T has to address the issue of violence before the elections this year.

“Political violence has to be condemned in all circumstances, loudly, clearly and without any reservations. Political violence is totally unacceptable in the democratic debate. If it relates to intra party as we have indeed seen over the last couple of weeks, this also penalises the party’s concerns and credibility so they have to work on that. They have a challenge and they have to address that challenge. We hope this will not degenerate further and see also inter-party violence which will have an impact on how elections will be viewed.”, said Van Damme.


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