Mugabe urged to emulate Zuma

Mugabe Urged to Emulate Zuma

Analysts have urged former President Robert Mugabe not to endorse the National Patriotic Front (NPF) which is meant to challenge Zanu-PF in the forthcoming polls.

The analysts in an interview said Mugabe should emulate former South African President Jacob Zuma who over the weekend volunteered to campaign for the ANC ahead of the 2019 general elections despite being forced to resign. Mr Alexander Rusero said unlike Zuma, Mugabe is selfish.

“We are dealing with two protagonists here with one being a former statesman who is grateful of his contribution as a person and civil servant occupying the highest office in South Africa. Then we are also dealing with another protagonist who has a dangerous feeling of entitlement who thought that Zimbabwe belongs to him and him only, someone who could not imagine there will come a certain time he could no longer be on the reign. Zuma’s statement represents politics of continuity while what Mugabe is doing is a dangerous gimmick and dangerous politics of entitlement of saying things cannot continue as long as I am not involved.”, said Rosero.

Another political analyst,Mr. Goodwine Mureriwa said Zuma’s decision should be a wake-up call for Mugabe to accept the new leadership.


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