Pastor Evan Mawarire says he will run in Local Harare Election

Mugabe Critic Says He’ll Run in Local Harare🗳 Election

Image Credits: Voa Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire was a vocal critic of former President Robert Mugabe. Now he has decided to run in local government elections this year and possibly land the job of mayor of Zimbabwe’s biggest city.

From pulpit to politics. Pastor Evan Mawarire is wading into the electoral fray in Zimbabwe.

He and other independent candidates have joined forces to run for local government posts in the coming elections. They call their coalition the People’s Own Voice.

Mawarire has his eye on the mayor’s spot in Harare should he win local government elections.

“Up to today, we still deliver dangerous and very dirty water to the residents of Harare,” he said. “We have potholes, our road network is completely dysfunctional, completely dilapidated and needs to be revived again. We have issues that have to do with refuse collection, we still don’t collect refuse for our people and that attracts all sorts of diseases. Those are things that my generation feels .IMG-20180401-WA0010

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