MDC T MPs Accuse Chamisa Of Sabotage

MDC-T MPs Accuse Chamisa of Sabotage

MDC-T Members of Parliament have accused their leader, Mr. Nelson Chamisa, of sabotaging their campaign by deploying them in remote areas, ostensibly to audit grassroots structures while their rivals are campaigning in their constituencies ahead of party primary elections set for later this month.

The standing committee led by Mr. Chamisa deployed sitting MPs last week to rural and remote areas, away from their constituencies in a mission the party leadership claimed was meant to rebrand the party and notify grassroots supporters of new leadership following the death of party leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai.

The legislators have questioned the timing of the deployment which they said was done on the “eve” of primary elections with a mission to conduct party programmes away from not only their constituencies, but their provinces as well.

Several MPs spoken to said the deployment without resources was done at a time when they had been asked to pay $1 000 non-refundable application fee to be considered as candidates to represent the party.


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