Zimbabwe On Road To Recovery: Kofi Annan

Former UN Secretary General: ZIM on Road to Recovery

Image Credits: The Herald

Former United Nations (UN) secretary-general and chairperson of The Elders, an African progress panel, Mr Kofi Annan, says Zimbabwe is on the road to recovery and that ongoing national renewal processes will enable the country to reach its full potential. In a message congratulating Zimbabwe’s 38th Independence anniversary commemorations on Wednesday, Mr Annan acknowledged the political and economic reform processes under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration and encouraged Zimbabweans to work together towards restoring integrity and transparency during the whole transition process.

He said the forthcoming harmonised elections due in a few months time, which President Mnangagwa has said will be free, fair and transparent, were a crucial step towards consolidating gains achieved so far and laying a solid foundation for more significant progress.

Said Mr Annan: “Zimbabwe is on the long road to recovery. The upcoming elections are an important first step.” He, however, said credible polls and restoration of democratic governance values alone “cannot be an end in themselves” but that: “Only a long-term process of national renewal will allow the country to reach its full potential.”

Mr Annan said the panel of elders had stressed the need for the Government and all stakeholders to promote greater transparency and accountability in the management of the economy, in particular.

“Sustained action is needed to eradicate fraud and corruption, and establish an inclusive approach to economic recovery and development,” he said.

The coming in of the new dispensation through a peaceful political transition last November has brought hope for Zimbabweans across the divide after years of stagnation.


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