MDC Alliance President Has Forced Britain To Come Clean

Britain has been forced to come clean on allegations that it is backing President Mnangagwa’s administration to win the forthcoming elections a week after MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa had broken with diplomatic etiquette by cautioning Number 10 Downing Street against cosying-up with the ruling party.

Britain’s alleged staunch support for Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has pushed it into an increasingly acrimonious corner, with opposition and diplomats warning that the former colonial power is taking a huge gamble.

Zimbabwe’s main opposition conglomerate, the MDC Alliance, sought a common strategy to force Britain to drop its perceived support for Mnangagwa, with its presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa ratcheting up his criticism of London during his visit there last week in key forums such as Chatham House, warning that the UK government was overlooking crucial democratic reforms in favour of managing political stability in Zimbabwe and that could lead to post-election instability.

The British Embassy in Zimbabwe has sought to distance itself from allegations that it is backing President Emmerson Mnangagwa to win in the upcoming 2018 harmonised elections.Laing-Mnangagwa_595x400

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