ED Forgives Kasukuwere And Awarded Him With Mbanje Farming Licence

kasukuwereED Released Kasukuwere from Chikurubi-Exile On Good Behaviour, Claims Caller
May 22, 201807669
By Own Correspondent| Zanu PF leader and current national president Emmerson Mnangagwa was last night said to have released his arch enemy Saviour Kasukuwere on good behaviour grounds.

A caller joining into the live blast discussion Tuesday night claimed that the president has pardoned Kasukuwere hence the man’s decision to fly back into the country 6 months after fleeing the guns of soldiers during the coup in November 2017.
The whole development came after the Zimbabwe Republic Police said it is going to grill former minister for border jumping.

Recently, his colleague Professor Jonathan Moyo was filmed on video telling reporters that he together with Kasukuwere fled Zimbabwe with the assistance of unnamed CIO operatives in working for Grace Mugabe.

That report was also corroborated by former president Robert Mugabe who told foreign reporters the two were rescued in a counter military operation under the command of his wife shortly before they fled the country.

Kasukuwere returned to Zimbabwe Tuesday after spending 6 months in exile.

Kasukuwere spoke soon after arriving at the Harare International Airport in Harare and said has quit politics and will now concentrate on farming.

He also told Star FM News his decision to come back home was personal.

The state owned radio station stated that police will question Kasukuwere.

The national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said police will interview Kasukuwere.

She told the station the interview will be set to establish how he escaped during Operation Restore Legacy..

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