Thousands Of MDC-T Supporters Are Unregistered Voters

Former Radio Zimbabwe presenter
Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has sensationally claimed that thousands of MDC supporters who attend the party’ s rallies countrywide are unregistered voters.

Sibanda urged the opposition party to encourage its supporters to register to vote as relying on record figures at party rallies would not guarantee victory.

“The MDC primary elections turnout has been abysmal
across the country in comparison with the Zanu PF
primary elections.

For example Hwange Central
with 25 000 registered voters, less than 1200
people voted in MDC primaries there, where my
brother Daniel Molokele won collecting 1012

MDC rallies are always packed yet the results
of primarymdc supportersmdc supporters elections are shockingly low.

Be warned huge figures at rallies can be deceiving, not all
those who attend are genuinely for you,” said Sibanda.

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