Presidential Age Limit Fruitless Debate – Mwonzora


MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora said that the proposal made by the War Veterans to raise the presidential age limit is a ZANU PF tactic meant to divert the attention of the suffering people from real issues.

Said Mwonzora

“This is a diversion and a lot of Zimbabweans are going to be engaged in this fruitless debate. There are a lot more pressing matters right now. War veterans recently pushed for a constitutional amendment to set the presidential age limit at 52 instead of the current 40 years.

“We have to deal with the economy, poverty and misery. Our people are wallowing in poverty. There is unemployment and there is no [foreign direct investment] FDI and domestic investment. We want cash in the banks, a currency of our own and access to resources without discrimination and massive corruption. These things should be the ones occupying the government. When this government is faced with a difficult situation, it creates a diversion.

“There is a silver lining and I see an opportunity for all people across the political divide to speak with one voice. Mr Mnangagwa must fix the economy. These are instances where human rights are being violated across the political divide.”

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