Power is Meaningless If Not Serving Countrymen: Chamisa Tells Mnangagwa


MDC president Nelson Chamisa said that his party is not being driven by love for power in calling for dialogue with ZANU PF but rather, by love for the country. In an interview with the Standard on Saturday, Chamisa said ZANU PF should desist from behaving like animals by refusing dialogue.

Said Chamisa

“We have to put a full stop to tyranny, dictatorship and be on the path to reform, nation-building, and peacebuilding. It will be a turnaround year.

“It is a take-off year, remedying the ailment affecting our country. It is also the year to revitalize and rejuvenate the organization through organizational renewal and deepening of our internal democratic processes with the intention of giving effect to the party’s new direction.

“We are not driven by love of power, but the love of our country, love of peace, our people, resources, and the love for each other.

“Power is meaningless if it is not serving its countrymen.

“He [Mnangagwa] does not understand that there is nothing that can beat dialogue — this is what separates humans from other animals.”

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