Mudzuri snubs Chamisa

December 15, 2018 mazimba 0

Eng Mudzuri Embattled MDC-Alliance co-vice president Mr Elias Mudzuri yesterday snubbed a crucial meeting of the party’s standing committee amid indications that he feared a […]


Mudzuri To Face The Axe

December 14, 2018 mazimba 0

Elias Mudzuri and President Emmerson Mnangagwa MDC-Alliance faces a potential split, with party leader Mr Nelson Chamisa set to preside over two high-level meetings today […]


ED declares monthly clean-up day

December 6, 2018 mazimba 0

President Mnangagwa holds aloft the Presidential Clean-up Day Declaration which he launched in Highfield, Harare, yesterday President Mnangagwa yesterday declared the first Friday of each […]

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